Black Lives Matter Leader Charged With Battery On LAPD Officer

Source: facebook

A California State University professor and leader of a Black Lives Matter group in Los Angeles just got some bad news.

She was just hit with eight criminal counts including battery on a police officer during one her of protests.

If convicted, Dr. Melina Abdullah may face up to a year in jail. She claims she was targeted over her protests against the Los Angeles police department.

“As folks may know, the Los Angeles City Attorney, Mike Feuer, is prosecuting me for protesting police brutality,” she wrote on facebook.

“This is about so much more than me. It’s an attempt to criminalize Black protest. We ain’t having that!”

From The Daily Wire: The charges stem from Abdullah’s behavior at LAPD Commission meetings, which have become notorious for being disrupted and shut down by police abolitionists affiliated with Black Lives Matter-Los Angeles (BLM-LA). She has justified her conduct by claiming to advocate on behalf of families who have lost loved ones to police brutality and officer-involved shootings.

Prosecutors from the L.A. City Attorney’s Office affirm that 17 police officers are prepared to testify that Abdullah’s tactics have gone far beyond free speech and peaceful protest, crossing a boundary to “obstructing and intimidating” LAPD commissioners.

Following a pretrial hearing last week, Abdullah and Douglas addressed activists and other supporters who had packed the courtroom as a sign of solidarity.

“They are killing our people, and then they are criminalizing us for having the audacity to push back,” Abdullah told allies over a megaphone. “What kind of backward world do they think we live in? We’re not the criminals. They are.”

From My News LA:

Abdullah, 45, is charged with eight misdemeanor counts, including one count each of battery on a public officer, resisting arrest, refusing to disperse and interfering or obstructing a public business establishment, along with three counts of unlawfully disturbing and breaking up an assembly and meeting and two counts of unlawfully and intentionally interfering with the lawful business of the Police Commission, according to the complaint.

Two of the charges against Abdullah stem from the May 8 run-in, while the majority of the charges involve alleged crimes in July 2017 and August 2017, according to the complaint.