John Kasich Exposed As Major Jerk After Rude Behavior On Flight Goes Viral


John Kasich is one of the arrogant politicians you just know has a nasty cynical side and boy did he show it at an airport recently.

Kasich suffered humiliations galore after Trump beat him and took Ohio in the general while Kasich actively tried to thwart him. His move after leaving the governor’s mansion was to CNN, the last payday for the morally bankrupt politicians.

Kasich it seems waas big-timing it all over JFK airport and then went full rude, arrogant ass**** on the plane and stole a woman’s seat.

But everything today is captured on published on social media and much to Kasich’s horror he big-timed a somewhat famous comedian named Julie Klausner.

From The Daily Mail:

According to Klausner, when he was talking on the phone in the airline lounge, he said, ‘loudly’: ‘The people at CNN were so nice.’

‘I was in the lounge and I noticed this guy with grey hair who was just a f***** asshole. He was talking on his cell phone really loudly in the middle of the lounge and he said, “The people at CNN were so nice.”

‘And he said that so loudly that, “I was like I’m going to remember that.” Just clocking that there’s a douchebag near me,’ she said.

He got on the plane first and, according to Klausner, was told that he could not sit in his seat because it had been given to a pilot who had been scheduled to fly at the other end of the journey at the last minute.

He was bumped out instead of anyone else because, according to Klausner, he paid the least for his ticket.

But instead of moving down a cabin, the Republican politician moved into Klausner’s seat, thinking it was empty.

He then allegedly made a phone call to a friend where he ‘complained’ about the pilot while he was in earshot.

‘I am standing at the front and John Kasich is sitting there, either talking on his cell or on his cell phone.

‘He knows I’m standing right in front of him because that’s my seat. Finally a ticket agent comes on the plane and looks and sees that John Kasich is sitting there and he shook his head and he says, “This guy was downgraded and he refused to go into the seat he was newly assigned and he sat in yours and that’s your seat,”” Klausner said in her podcast. 

 ‘Instead of saying, OK I’m going to go sit in 12C which has the extra legroom, she said it was premium and not economy, he got really mad and was a total d**k to the staff and sat in my seat instead.

‘That is what was told to me,’ she added

She later described him as a ‘f****** piece of s*** a**hole’ and claimed the airline staff ‘vented’ to her for ’15 minutes’ about how much they hated him and people like him.

‘They were basically saying, we just say that guys like this push people around and they get what they want,’ she said.