Judge Napolitano Breaks Silence On Stone Arrest And Bob Mueller’s Furious


Fox News senior judicial Judge Andrew Napolitano is known for being a straight shooter not afraid to speak truth to power.

When it comes to Trump and the Mueller investigation, he is a singular voice of reason among television pundits.

He does not rush to judgment and he is not afraid to contradict Trump and his administration if he thinks they are wrong or in legal jeopardy.

For those reasons he is a trusted voice in America, a nonpartisan voice and what he just told Fox News should worry every American.

“This is jackboots in the morning. This is an American nightmare that they would arrest somebody like this,” Napolitano said of the Roger Stone arrest.

“He’s not a public threat. It’s not a crime of violence. He has no criminal record. His passport expired. He doesn’t own any weapons and they went after him with this kind of fire power,” he said.

“Why did they do that? Probably to intimidate him and to send a message to the public at large: this must be a bad guy or we wouldn’t use that kind of force to arrest him.”

“The fact that he has no bail, he was freed on his own signature and they promise that if he didn’t return the bail would be $250,000 — tells you what the judge thinks of the case,” Judge Napolitano concluded.

“Roger Stone is Roger Stone. He loves being the center of attention and he wants to get his message out there.

But, prediction, at the arraignment today, the government will do what they did in the Manafort case and it’s the same judge in Washington, D.C.

Ask for a gag order and she’ll probably grant it. Which means this person who makes his living by going on television and radio and expressing an opinion will not be able to do so if he’s talking about himself. I think he’s in a lot of trouble,” Judge Napolitano said.