Nancy Pelosi Agrees To Enhanced Normandy Fencing For Southern Border As Deal Seems Imminent


Nancy Pelosi is inching closer to a compromise with President Trump on border security. They have miles to go to be sure, but for the first time, Pelosi is open to new structures to protect our southern border.

This is a big shift for Pelosi who had promised not one dollar towards the wall. While some conservatives are saying the kind of border structure Pelosi would agree to – Normandy fencing – is not as effective as a solid border wall, it will deter most vehicles which is a start.

Look these are negotiations and this is the first time Pelosi has moved an inch so hope remains the two sides can actually make a deal both can live with.

From The Washington Examiner: “There is not going to be any wall money in the legislation,” Pelosi told reporters Thursday. Pelosi controls the House floor, and her approval of a border security deal is required for legislation to make it to the president’s desk by a Feb. 15 deadline.

Pelosi said she’d back Normandy fencing used to finish approximately 700 miles authorized by the 2006 Secure Fence Act. A 2017 government report determined about 50 miles of that authorized fencing are incomplete, although Republicans have put forward higher estimates. Pelosi said only 30 miles are incomplete.

“If the president wants to call that a wall, he can call it a wall,” Pelosi said. “Are there places where enhanced fencing, Normandy fencing, will work? Let them have that discussion.” 

Pelosi said hundreds of miles of border don’t require barriers because of cliffs and rivers.

Trump for his part remains unimpressed with the Democrats solutions, “If there’s no wall it doesn’t work. She’s just playing games,” he said.  He also sent 3,000 more troops to the southern border to help with the crisis.

“More troops being sent to the Southern Border to stop the attempted Invasion of Illegals, through large Caravans, into our Country. We have stopped the previous Caravans, and we will stop these also. With a Wall it would be soooo much easier and less expensive. Being Built!”

Despite the rhetoric from both sides, this is real progress – we went from no wall whatsoever to Normandy fencing.

Congress is still negotiating and many Democrats have signaled a willingness to agree to some broader structure with some calling for a vote on the wall (which Pelosi would oppose) so don’t count anything out yet – both sides want to avoid a shutdown.

Source: Customs and Border Protection