Obama Denies Trump’s Claim He Smashed Up White House Walls


President Trump is turning the screws on the corrupt authoritarian government of Venezuela with a devastating round of sanctions.

Steve Mnuchin and John Bolton joined Sarah Sanders for a much needed White House briefing where they announced the new action against Venezuela.

Mnuchin added that a new round of trade talks with China are underway and reiterated that enforcement of IP theft is a key issue the US will not back down on.

He also stated that the joint venture agreements the Chinese routinely abuse at great cost to western companies is another point on which the US will not waver.

Good news to be sure but what had most of the swamp talking was a new report from the Washington Post.

The report gives details on Trump’s entertaining style during White House tours. From The Washington Post:

When the president finishes dinners with members of Congress, he often raises the same question. “You want to see the Lincoln Bedroom?” he asks, before beckoning lawmakers up the stairs.

He often remarks how tall President Lincoln was and how short the bed is during these visits, before noting the nearby Lincoln desk and the Bill of Rights, guests said.

“I don’t know how he slept there,” Trump said on one tour in early 2018, according to a person on the tour. “He was a really tall guy!”

The president has also claimed to guests, without evidence, that his private dining room off the Oval Office was in “rough shape” and had a hole in the wall when he came into the West Wing and that President Barack Obama used it to watch sports, according to two White House officials and two other people who have heard him discuss the dining room.

“He just sat in here and watched basketball all day,” Trump told a recent group, before saying he upgraded Obama’s smaller TV to a sprawling, flat-screen one, the four people said.

An Obama White House official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because Obama does not generally respond to Trump’s remarks, said that there was no hole in the wall and that Obama rarely worked in the room and did not watch basketball there.

Marc Short, Trump’s former legislative affairs director, said he had been in the residence with dozens of members of Congress. “It was part of my legislative strategy,” Short said of the tours. “When you see him off camera in his own residence, basically being a host, he’s really good at it. It was a warm, gracious gesture.”

Short said Trump would surprise members of Congress with the question of a tour. “How can you say no to seeing the Lincoln Bedroom?” he said.