Trump Rejects Subpoena In Lawsuit Brought By Pesky Liberal Protesters


President Trump just showed four pesky liberal protester who’s boss. He summarily rejected a subpoena in a lawsuit brought by four men who were roughed up protesting Trump during the campaign.

Good for him – he has enough on his plate with the obstructionist Democrats in Congress and a world always five minutes away from chaos.

It is an insult they tried to even pester him over something his security did. Further, based on the rabble suing him, whatever actions taken by the security were probably warranted.

From The New York Daily News: President Trump has “rejected” a subpoena to testify in an upcoming trial over four Mexican protesters roughed up at Trump Tower during the 2016 campaign.

A Bronx Supreme Court judge has already ruled that a jury must determine whether Trump is liable for the conduct of his longtime security guard, Keith Schiller, and that of others, during the rowdy rally in September 2015.

A trial in the case is to begin March 6. Attorney Ben Dictor, who is representing the protesters, served a subpoena on Trump ordering he be present.

“We hereby reject the (protesters) trial subpoena…directed to our client Donald J. Trump,” attorney Lawrence Rosen wrote earlier this month.

“The subpoena you served is null and void and hereby rejected.”

“This is a case about Trump’s relationship with his security guards,” Dictor said.

“It’s about the power he’s given his security guards. what he’s authorized, what he’s condoned.”

Rosen argued in a letter to Dictor that Trump was entitled to immunity from state suits while in the Oval Office.

Earlier Bronx Supreme Court Justice Fernando Tapia ruled that Trump would remain a defendant in the lawsuit.

The suit was brought by four Mexican protesters who claim they were injured protesting Trump.

One of the protesters, Efrain Galicia, claimed Trump’s bodyguard Keith Schiller took his sign that read: “Trump: Make America Racist Again.”

He said Schiller then hit him when he tried to take the sign back. What a joke – these guys go looking for confrontation and when they find it they sue?