Trump’s DOJ Hits Key Chinese Company With Massive Criminal Charges


President Trump has faced many critics over the last two years. Not all of the criticism has been unwarranted, but much of it has been over-the-top coverage more appropriate for the gossip rags than major news outlets.

That said, many will agree that if Trump is the man who finally gets tough with China, if he is successful to rein them in, if after taking the enormous political and economic blowback he is the one who finally makes China stop stealing our intellectual property and open its borders, he will be hard to keep off Mount Rushmore.

Hyperbole you may say, fine, I will allow it, but think of what a threat China is – they took our know-how and jobs on a promise of opening up and moving towards democracy only to go the opposite way. With extreme malice too.

Not only did they flex their new military muscles and start claiming new islands in disputed waters; they went full sci-fi horror authoritarian with a massive surveillance system that watches and ranks you based on what you do. They call it the social credit score and it is ‘big brother’ come to life.

Spit on the sidewalk in the new China and get a bad mark on your social credit score you can’t erase. Good luck with that appeal too.

China quite simply took our tech and created a monstrosity of repression and government control.

But worse, they seek to supplant us as the only global superpower and export this dystopian view of humanity (via their silk road initiative) and through their technology companies making telecommunications equipment that big brother has a back door into.

Sadly, our leaders were naive and blinded by greed and our corporations share the blame…and when it was almost too late… Trump won.

The American people are not dummies after all and if he fixes this historical mistake he will go down as one of the greats:  A man who stood up for what is right no matter the short-term cost.  From NBC News:

The Trump administration announced criminal charges against one of China’s largest telecommunications companies Monday, a dramatic move that promises to ratchet up tensions on the eve of trade talks this week between the two countries.

Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker told reporters in Washington a pair of indictments had been unsealed in two separate cases.

A Brooklyn grand jury charged Huawei as a company, and its chief financial officer, Wanzhou Meng, with money laundering, bank fraud, wire fraud and conspiracy. Huawei also was charged with conspiracy to obstruct justice.

A separate indictment accuses Huawei of stealing trade secrets from U.S. telecom firm T-Mobile. Those charges stem from a civil lawsuit filed by T-Mobile in 2014 over a robot called “Tappy,” which was used in testing smartphones.

“Huawei intentionally conspired to steal intellectual property from an American company in an attempt to undermine the free and fair marketplace,” the Justice Department said in a statement.