Condi Rice Backs New Trump Plan, Challenges Nancy Pelosi To Do Same


Condoleeza Rice has a legion of fans many of whom want her to run in 2024 after Trump finishes his second term.

It is not hard to understand why either – she is smart and accomplished with the requisite foreign and domestic policy experience.

Adding to that – Obama famously mocked Mitt Romney for saying Russia was harmless and look how good that turned out for the Dems? – Rice is an expert on Russia and eastern European policy.

Look, it seems that China and Russia are reuniting behind their similar corrupt ideologies and that they want to take on the west. Rice would be able to handle those complexities better than most.

Nor is she is not afraid to speak truth to power which she just did when she threw the gauntlet down and issued a challenge to our Congressional leaders to back Trump’s new plan.

The White House just rolled out a new worldwide initiative aimed to help and empower women.

The Trump administration’s W-GDP initiative will help 50 million women in developing countries realize their economic potential by 2025 but it will require bipartisan support.

In other words, Rice is challenging Pelosi to put her money where her mouth is. Condi wrote:

“I have often said that if I could wave a magic wand and do one thing, I would empower women. Not just because it is the ‘right’ thing to do — though it is the right thing to do — but because it would solve so many other problems.

If you want to do something about over population — educate women and they will not have their first child at twelve. If you want to do something about human trafficking — educate women and they will not be forced into slavery.

If you want to do something about poverty — empower women and they will create small businesses and raise up whole villages. And they are the mothers, daughters, sisters and wives of men who will benefit, too.

The Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative being launched seeks to solve these problems.

The mission of supporting women’s economic development around the world is a noble one, but more importantly, a necessary one. It is a necessity of good foreign policy for both national security and global stability. Societies that treat women badly are dangerous societies. The answers to a lot of our social ills and security challenges can be found with the empowerment of women.

America is at its best when our institutions and our citizens work together to effect positive change. Aligning government agencies, Members of Congress, the private sector, and civil society is essential to mobilize this significant global initiative.

America has always been a champion of free, peaceful and prosperous societies. We can and should come together to advance greater equality and economic opportunity for women.

This work will not only make for a better America, but a better world and a more prosperous future full of opportunities for all.

I applaud Ivanka Trump for leading this effort, and I hope leaders join together in supporting W-GDP.”