Dems Demand Return Of Obama’s Failed Program That Had Taxpayers Paying Illegal Immigrants


The Democrats are stuck in the past. They are actually demanding Trump reinstate one of Obama’s biggest failed programs in the border wall negotiations.

But it is not just any program – it is one Trump specifically shut down because it led to the crisis at our border.

We are a generous people but we have our limits and it seems Chuck and Nancy, instead of getting serious about the border and negotiate in good faith, want to test those.

From The Washington Examiner:

House Democrats are pushing hard to revive an Obama-era program that would keep illegal immigrant families out of detention and instead give them housing, transportation, healthcare, and legal aid to help them claim asylum in the U.S.

President Trump ended the Family Case Management Program in June 2017, citing excessive costs and the low rate of enrolled families returning to their home countries.

House Democrats want to bring it back to life in some form as part of an effort to reduce the detention of illegal immigrants and instead release them in the United States with some supervision. And they are hoping to negotiate that change in the ongoing border security talks between the two parties.

Specifically, Democrats want $30.5 million added to the family case management budget within the Department of Homeland Security. They also hope family detentions can be phased out this year.

Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard, D-Calif., a top appropriator and a member of the negotiating team, outlined the Democratic proposal with an emphasis on aid to illegal immigrants rather than barriers to prevent entry in into the United States.

“The only crisis at the border has been a humanitarian one due to DHS’ inability to care for the migrants, families, and unaccompanied children properly,” Roybal-Allard said. “My proposal provides a larger investment in alternatives to detention and family case management.”

Nancy Pelosi agreed saying:

“We’re hoping that we can find common ground as soon as possible so that we can not only meet our responsibility to protect our border, to treat people coming here with dignity and respect but also to keep government open.

Some of the things that we have in there I think will be very acceptable, goes on both sides of the ledger.”

“We both care, all of us on either side of the wall question — but all care about treating the people who come, so there will be sizable funding for food, clothing, medical care for immigrants coming across the border so we don’t have people dying in our custody – children,” Pelosi added.

“There’ll be sizable funding for additional judges to more quickly adjudicate these cases so that it doesn’t become, well, they’re here such a long time. Well, it’s because we have such a backlog too, so we’ll have that.”