Jake Tapper Admits Ugly Truth About Russia Probe As Cracks Show In Anti-Trump Resistance


Jake Tapper just showed his true colors and the liberals who want to impeach Trump are furious.

Tapper, now this is in a private email mind you, blasted the dodgy Russia dossier at the heart of the investigation into Trump and the media outlet Buzzfeed for publishing it.

Why? Because he knows and reveals the ugly truth at the heart of the whole Trump Russia probe – the dossier is unverified and it would be extremely irresponsible in publishing it.

From The Daily Caller: Tapper was seemingly upset with Smith because shortly before BuzzFeed published the dossier, CNN had reported parts of the document had been briefed to then-President-elect Donald Trump in a meeting with top intelligence community officials Jan. 6, 2017.

CNN did not publish the dossier, but BuzzFeed used CNN’s story as a hook to publish Steele’s 35-page report.

“That was pretty uncollegial[.] Not to mention irresponsible[.] No one has verified this stuff,” Tapper wrote to Smith.

Smith defended his decision, telling Tapper that publishing the dossier “was not an easy call.”

“Collegiality wise it was you stepping on my dick,” Tapper responded.

“You could have waited til morning,” he said.

“Professionally this is unverified info[.] Your guys unlike us don’t even seem to know who the former agent i[s],” added Tapper, seemingly referring to Christopher Steele, the former British spy who wrote the dossier.

Smith rebutted Tapper’s claim, saying “of course” he knew who wrote the dossier.

From Mediaite:

According to emails — released Friday as part of a lawsuit against BuzzFeed and obtained by the Daily Caller — Tapper called the publication of the dossier “irresponsible” and “uncollegial.”

BuzzFeed News published the “unverified” dossier in January 2017, with the news justification it had been shown to government officials. CNN had reported days before that intel chiefs, as well as then-President Barack Obama and President-elect Trump had been briefed on its contents.