Joy Villa Steals Show At Grammys With Border Wall Dress (Pics)


Michelle Obama kicked off the Grammy Awards last night but it was pro-Trump singer Joy Villa who stole the show.

Villa famously wore a Make America Great Again dress to a recent Grammys and this year she turned heads in a build a wall dress that had barbed wire and a wall pattern.

Literally, she was wearing the wall and just to enrage the gather celebrities she also carried a Make America Great Again purse.

From The Hill: A pro-Trump singer is using her Grammys fashion to voice her support for a border wall.

Joy Villa headed to the 61st annual Grammy Awards and walked the red carpet Sunday sporting two different border wall-inspired looks.

The first shiny, silver number included shoulder accent pieces that resembled barbed wire. The 27-year-old singer was photographed smiling while holding a red handbag bearing Trump’s 2016 “Make America Great Again” campaign slogan.

From People:

For singer Joy Villa, the Grammy Awards have become an opportunity to make a political statement — and stir up controversy.

This year, Villa wore barbed wire, put stakes in her hair and carried a purse with President Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan to support his proposal for a border wall between Mexico and the United States. Her dress featured the black outline of bricks.

“I believe in building the wall to protect our southern border,” Villa, 27, told the Los Angeles Times on the Grammys red carpet on Sunday night in L.A. “Not to keep people out, but to protect the citizens of our country. I’m part Latina, I’m black and I believe in what the president’s saying. This to me is a representation of that.”

The wall has been unpopular with most Americans, polls have shown. The president instigated a historic shutdown of the federal government over his call for wall funding, which Congressional Democrats rejected. Eventually Trump conceded as his approval rating sank during the standoff.