Three Democrats To Boycott Trump’s SOTU Speech In Rude Act Of Political Cowardice


Another rude Democrat just announced he will join two others and will boycott President Trump’s State of the Union address, making three so far who will not show up.

Typical of the sore loser party, rather than sit and listen to the speech which will be about bringing the country together – much can be accomplished with divided government, look at Reagan and Clinton – if the left would just give Trump a chance.

They never have, instead, they have been the worst kind of political cowards.

From The Hill: Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) says he will again boycott the State of the Union address this year.

“I will not attend the State of the Union once again this year. I’ll come to the House Chamber for the State of the Union the next time I can hear from a president who will tell the truth about the State of the Union,” Cohen, who has previously called for President Trump’s impeachment, said in a statement to The Hill.

Cohen, who also boycotted 2018’s State of the Union, is at least the third Democrat who will skip Trump’s address to Congress Tuesday.

Georgia Democratic Reps. John Lewis and Hank Johnson said last week that they will not attend.

“I have a problem with defiling the Speaker’s chair in the House of Representatives,” Johnson told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“I don’t want to see it lowered, as is what happens when Donald Trump comes to our floor and starts talking about groups of people, particularly Latinos, and disparaging them as a people.” 

“I’d rather be somewhere else,” Johnson added.

Fourteen House Democrats boycotted Trump’s State of the Union last year, including Lewis, a civil rights icon, and Cohen.

Cohen introduced articles of impeachment against Trump in November 2017 that alleged the president had obstructed justice in the Russia investigation, violated the Constitution’s foreign emoluments clause forbidding the acceptance of gifts from foreign governments.

Reps. John Lewis, Maxine Waters, Frederica S. Wilson, Gregory W. Meeks, Pramila Jayapal, Jan Schakowsky, Barbara Lee, Albio Sires, and Earl Blumenauer boycotted last year.

Good riddance but this does show a lack of respect for the office of the presidency. The three who will boycott should rethink their positions, they may be surprised with what Trump has to say.