Trump Reverses Biggest Economic Sin Of Obama Era In Stunning Fashion


President Trump just keeps on winning and even Barack Obama will be forced to admit the truth – Trump is doing what even he could not.

New jobs numbers stunned Washington D.C. today and point to great things to come for the American economy.

Many subtle shifts are happening none more important that Trump’s reversal of Obama’s biggest economic sin.

Under Trump, the private sector is finally creating more jobs than the government and it just may save us yet.

Look, when we have an overburdened middle class that is now saddled with paying the high salaries and higher benefits and pension of government workers, we have a recipe for ruin.

For as soon as government work becomes preferable to the private sector (because it is a better deal) the whole system is out of whack and is literally on the precipice.

From Forbes:

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics released its December jobs report Friday morning, showing nonfarm employment was up by 312,000, stronger than analysts expected.

The impressive jobs number, along with the Fed signaling patience on rate hikes, shook the stock market loose from its doldrums, with the Dow posting a 747-point gain.

With the December jobs number, President Trump now has two full years of economic performance to compare with his predecessor, President Obama. The two biggest statistical standouts are:

Manufacturing jobs are growing at a 714% faster clip under Trump than over a similar time under Obama, and;

Under Obama, federal state and local government employment grew 6 times faster than did manufacturing jobs, while under Trump, that ratio has been reversed, with manufacturing jobs growing 5 times faster than government jobs.

Looking at manufacturing, the government report noted that 32,000 jobs were added in December with 19,000 of the gain being in the durable goods component. In 2018, manufacturing employment increased by 284,000 with some three quarters of the gain over the year being in durable goods manufacturing, an indication that President’s Trump’s policies are likely causing a shift of manufacturing back to American soil.

This is remarkable due to the widespread belief that it wasn’t possible—President Obama himself said in June 2016 that manufacturing jobs “are just not going to come back,” and New York Times columnist and economist Paul Krugman claimed on November 25, 2016, “Nothing policy can do will bring back those lost jobs. The service sector is the future of work; but nobody wants to hear it.”

The employment results are clear: in the last two years of President Obama’s administration, our elites declared manufacturing dead while government added six times the jobs the number of jobs our factories added; while in two years of President Trump’s economic policies, our factories have added five times more employees than government. This is the formula for a stronger, more prosperous America.