Another Trump Witch Hunt Ends With No Charges As SDNY Ends Investigation


Another Trump witch hunt just ended with no charges being filed against anyone in the Trump organization.

Remember, this investigation started with Michael Cohen and ensnared David Pecker of the National Enquirer and Allen Weisselberg, Trump’s CFO.

Weisselberg is the longtime CFO of the Trump organization and the left and the media thought flipping him would sink Trump. They were counting on it, believe me.

Alan did cooperate with the investigation and believe me if they found nothing with his cooperation, there really is nothing there.

I am sure the media and the left will say Bill Barr covered it up or some other nonsense, but the facts remain – no charges against anyone other than a few bad seeds like Cohen.

From The Daily Caller: A federal judge Wednesday confirmed federal prosecutors in New York City ended their investigation into Trump campaign finance violations, which focused on former Trump attorney Michael Cohen and the Trump Organization.

Judge William Pauley confirmed the end of the probe in an order to release the remaining files in the case against Michael Cohen, the former Trump attorney who is serving a three-year prison term for several crimes.

The end of the investigation indicates that no additional Trump Organization executives — a group that includes Donald Trump Jr. — will be charged in the investigation, which was led by attorneys in U.S. attorney’s office in the Southern District of New York (SDNY).

CNN reported earlier in July that prosecutors were winding down their investigation and were planning not to charge anyone else in the investigation.

Pauley’s order Wednesday confirmed the reporting.

“The Government now represents that it has concluded the aspects of its investigation that justified the continued sealing of the portions of the Materials relating to Cohen’s campaign finance violations,” said Pauley, adding that “weighty public ramifications” of the activities described in the materials related to the campaign finance investigation warrants public disclosure.