Border Patrol Chief Shames Dems: ‘5,800 Fake Families’ Discovered at Border This Year


Acting Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Mark Morgan just dropped a bombshell in his Senate testimony.

He said that 5,800 “fake families” have been discovered trying to game the system and enter the U.S. illegally this year alone.

Look, America is the land of the free and innovative whose motto really should be: It is better to ask for forgiveness than permission.

That is how we have operated and the results speak for themselves. So we know more than most that every system has loopholes which can be exploited for profit.

That is why no one believes the Democrats on this issue – because they play the race card where it does not exist.

Look, America is built on immigrants and we actually respect the drive and hustle and imitative it takes to change their lives by getting into America any way possible.

The issue is that the loophole is now being abused and it is not just a few smart people who figured it out – now everyone is using it.

So we have to close the loopholes, it is that simple.

“Our laws prevent us from holding people more than 20 days and because we can’t get the information we’re probably releasing them even sooner than that in many cases, correct?” Sen. Ron Johnson asked Morgan.

“With respect to family units, since March of this year, United States Border Patrol has been releasing family units directly so in some cases they’re being released in under 48 hours into the interior of the United States,” Morgan answered.

Johnson continued, “Because it really doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to try and find facilities to hold them for 20 days with this overwhelming flow so instead of border patrol turning them over to ICE for a more thorough vetting process and then ICE releasing them, border patrol is doing it directly?”

“That’s correct,” Morgan responded. Johnson then said this posed a threat and Morgan replied,

“Especially with the amount of fake families that we are uncovering every single day.”

“It’s a challenge,” Morgan added. “As long as our laws are the way they are you are going to grab a kid because that is your passport to the United States. They know that in the Northern Triangle countries and they are exploiting that every single day.”

When asked about the number of fraudulent families discovered at the border (using the pilot programs to verify family relations via DNA) Morgan dropped the bombshell.

“I don’t have the overall percentage but we do have the numbers. Right now at border patrol, 5,800 and HSI, part of ICE, they’ve identified hundreds since their pilot program of pushing agents forward,” Morgan said.