Charles Barkley Rips Dems: ‘Every black person I know always votes Dem, all still poor’


Charles Barkley was a surprise guest at the Dem debate last night and true to form he probably got the best line.

He ripped into the Democrats (and the GOP) for taking advantage of black people saying all the black folks he knows always vote Dems and they are all still poor.

Barkley is no stranger to political controversy, he also took the Democrats to task while helping campaign for Doug Jones in Alabama telling them: “to get off their ass and start making life better for black folks and people who are poor.”

Speaking to Yahoo Barkley ripped into the Dems:

‘It’s an economic thing and that’s what both parties have been neglecting, especially the Democratic Party.’

‘Every black person I know has always voted Democratic and with the exception of a few guys who can play sports, all those people are still poor,’ he added.

Barkley said later: ‘I think all politicians take black folks for granted. They talk to black folks every four years and that’s about it and then do nothing about it. Both parties suck in that aspect.’

Correct. And they do that to all voters. Barkley made a few jokes saying he could do a better job moderating the debates and he is probably right after the CNN hosts did a poor job last night.

‘We can do a much better job of the debates, especially CNN. We could do a much better job of doing like an individual night where we have plenty of time.’

As to why he was even there Chuck said, ‘I just wanted to come one time. Never been to one before.’

‘You can’t really judge anybody by seeing them on television, especially when you’ve got 20 people.

Nobody gets a word in edgewise. That’s really unfortunate,’ he added saying he did not as of yet have a favored candidate.