CNN’s Phil Mudd Trashes Dems: ‘Shut Up About Impeachment For America’s Sake’


The Mueller debacle hit the left hard. They went all in on Bob Mueller and the loss they suffered yesterday will be felt for months.

Or it should be felt for months. Look, the Democrats do not have the votes in the Senate, let alone the House (moderate freshmen Dems have an election coming up and believe me they do not want to go back to real jobs) to impeach. And we have an election very soon.

With Mueller backfiring in such an embarrassing way one would think the left would move on and try to win at the ballot box.

But, no, now they want to impeach more than ever…which is as close to political suicide as you can get.

CNN’s Phile Mudd, no friend of Trump took them to task over their infatuation of removing Trump from office.

“They should shut up,” he answered. “They might see some indication of wrong-doing. A) as you’re suggesting, they will never reach the end of this in 15 months, and B) it’s going to divide America.

“So if we can’t reach a conclusion and if it’s bad for the country, regardless of whether you see some evidence of wrongdoing, do you think that you should pursue this?”

I’d say, A) for reasons of America, shut up, and B) I’m not a politician, but if you think Americans are going to say, ‘I’m going to watch this show paint-drying for another 15 months,'” Mudd continued.

“I watch this myself, and I’d say, ‘Leave me alone. Find something else like healthcare to worry about.'”