Dejected Robert De Niro Turns On Bob Mueller After Russia Testimony Flops


Robert De Niro is taking the Bob Mueller testimony too hard. Look, the left went all-in on Bob Mueller as the hero and he turned out to be just a straight shooter.

The left ran with rumors and conspiracies believing Mueller had Trump dead to rights and had his bankers screaming for mercy.

In fact, Mueller never even talked to his bankers as it was beyond his mandate. Mueller had a narrow mandate and he followed the rules and procedures, while the desperate left was hoping for Mueller to find them a miracle in a haystack.

One does have to question the media’s role in helping push this bs narrative and De Niro deserves some of the blame.

He played Bob as the all-knowing Trump foil and in that way duped his supporters and the rest of the hapless left.

So it comes as no surprise that rather than be a man and take it on the chin, he has to go after Bob Mueller. Sad.

“I don’t want to criticize Director Mueller as an actor, so let’s just say my approach to the part would have been different. Mueller chose to play himself as a calm, confident, dignified public servant. His ‘backstory’: a patriot serving his country from the battlefields of Vietnam to the battlefields of Washington, D.C.,” Robert wrote.

“That’s a valid acting choice, don’t get me wrong. But I, more of a method actor, would have channeled my inner rage at the years of Donald Trump’s illegal and immoral acts, and I would have been more in touch with my fury after two years of Trump and his stooges accusing me of running a witch hunt.

I would have dropped the unruffled exterior and been more, let’s say, expansive in my response. I may have dropped an f-bomb or two or eight.”

“Even before Wednesday’s testimony, the report gave the Democrats what they had expected: detailed documentary proof of Russia’s aggressive interference in our democratic process, evidence of Trump’s criminal obstruction of justice, and a diabolical catalogue of his campaign’s encouragement of Russian aid in electing him.

The Democrats’ hope was to get a strong confirmation in Mueller’s own voice. They got that, too, albeit in undramatic, monosyllabic responses. If it turns out the Democrats want more — and I want them to want more — then Mueller’s report and testimony gave them all they need for impeachment: high crimes, misdemeanors and, though not required, a flock of felonies,” he added.