Don Trump Jr Exposes Rashida Tlaib’s Hypocrisy With POTUS: ‘Deport this a–hole!’


Don Trump Jr. just dropped the hammer on liberal hypocrisy. The left loves to tell people what to do while they do what they please and in that way, they lost credibility most of America.

Americans can see through the charade of the phony outrage machine the left uses to drum up daily controversies.

People are flat out sick of the politically correct culture that judges and convicts a person in 5 seconds flat no matter the facts.

They rush to judge and they get exposed – every time. So when the left went nuts over some of Trump’s comments you just knew someone would dig deep and find the left engaging in the same behavior they criticize.

That someone was Dion Trump Jr. From The Washington Examiner:

Donald Trump Jr. went after Rep. Rashida Tlaib for a 2015 tweet in which she vulgarly advocated deporting his father.

“That’s awkward. It’s like their whole narrative just disappeared… but you all know no one will cover it,” Trump Jr. said Tuesday on Twitter.

Trump Jr.’s attack on the Michigan Democrat comes the same day as a 2015 tweet resurfaced in which Tlaib shared an article about the president with the caption “Deport this a–hole!”