Jussie Smollett Suffers Major Loss As Judge Upholds Special Criminal Prosecutor For His Case


Jussie Smollett just got some bad news. The arrogant Hollywood star not only got the biggest sweetheart deal in the history of a corrupt city like Chicago, but he then had the stones to go do a press conference and claim he was exonerated.

He was not and the cops erupted in rage. Soon after the court’s documents were unsealed as the cops fought back to save their reputation.

Turns out the cops were right and Smollett was guilty and should be spending some time in a Chicago jail.

The arrogance of Smollett backfired even more when, after the documents were released and the public demanded accountability, a special prosecutor was named.

In other words, Jussie was not exonerated and he was not in the clear. Just the opposite, he was in fact back in dire legal jeopardy.

So, in a Hail Mary, his lawyers tried to get the special prosecutor revoked on a technicality. Today the judge doomed Smollett and told him not a chance.

From NBC:

A judge told Jussie Smollett’s attorneys he’s not changing his mind about appointing a special prosecutor in the case against the actor and that he won’t let another judge replace him.

The losses that Cook County Judge Michael Toomin handed the attorneys Wednesday mean Smollett may not be clear of criminal charges alleging he staged an attack in January in Chicago that he described as racist and homophobic. Prosecutors dropped the charges against him in March, but a special prosecutor could charge him again.

Smollett’s attorneys have argued that Toomin should remove himself because he presumed Smollett guilty. Toomin said Wednesday that the special prosecutor’s opinion will be the only one that matters.

Toomin decided in June to appoint a special prosecutor to examine the dismissal of the charges but hasn’t said who it will be.