Michele Bachmann: Trump’s Most Biblical President Ever, Deserves Prayers And Support


Michelle Backman is a staunch Christian and a strong supporter of President Trump. She went on an interview today and defended Trump from his liberal attackers.

She brushed back complaints from the left and listed Trump’s amazing accomplishments for this country and for people of faith.

But she said we have more work to do – Trump is under near-constant attack and Michelle believes he needs our prayers.

“I want your listeners to know, never before have I ever seen a more pro-Israel president,” Bachmann said.

“He is, without a doubt, the most biblical president I have ever seen. I’m going to repeat that: he is the most biblical president I have ever seen in what he does. His actions are remarkable and I would ask the audience to please pray for him continually.”

“We have never seen a president under more attack, more undeserved attack, but I think it’s because, again, of the day that we live in, the deception that we live in, and the demonic presence of so many evil things in our society,” she added.

“He deserves our prayers. He needs our prayers. And, again, God will answer those prayers. He answered those prayers before for us and we need to not just sit back because he’s done godly things, we need to be very active and lift up his arms [just as] Arron and Miriam lifted up Moses’ arms.

This is the fellow that God has made our president. He’s not only leading us in the United States to the greatest level of prosperity, to the greatest level of blessing toward Israel—

He’s put us on a path of blessing like no other president ever has—but because of the times we live in, we need him more than ever to listen to godly counsel, which he has.

He has some of the most godly people surrounding him that I have ever seen, so he is deserving of that level of prayer and support and we need to provide that for him.”