Rand Paul Slams Omar: “Dumbfounded how unappreciative she is of our country, deserves rebuke’


Rand Paul just broke his silence over the controversy of the day swirling in Washington with some common sense words.

Look, no one is saying the left cannot criticize America but having Ilhan Omar as a messenger is confusing.

She has received so much from this great country that most people feel she should be a little more appreciative. Instead, she is angry all day long.

Optics is politics and the reality is that most people feel that Omar, who has received so much from this great country, should focus on all the good in America has given her, rather than the anger.

From The Washington Examiner: Paul, of Kentucky, said that he is “dumbfounded” by the Minnesota congresswoman’s “angry story.”

Speaking back home to Wave 3 News, Paul said, “She has this bitterness and anger toward the country,” adding, “I think she does deserve a rebuke over trying to say we have a rotten country.”

In joining President Trump in criticizing the Mogadishu-born freshman lawmaker, Paul said “I’m sort of dumbfounded how unappreciative she is of our country.”

Paul, both an ally and sometime critic of Trump, added, “She says this is terrible, a place without justice and all this. She’s a congresswoman. She got here as a refugee 20 years ago. She’s elected to Congress. I can’t imagine a better country that elected her to congress and she badmouths our country.”

Omar has been critical of Trump, U.S. institutions and Israel, often winning rebukes from her own party.

Paul said instead of being angry, Omar should be grateful to the U.S., and he cited another Somali family as an example to follow.

“I know this Somali family that came about the same time [as Omar] to Bowling Green, and it’s just this dramatic story of hope and wonder,” Paul told Wave 3 News “Those are the stories, but it’s not this angry story.”