Second Dem Staffer Pleads Guilty In Brett Kavanaugh Smear Job


A former Senate staffer just pleaded guilty in a case tied to the Brett Kavanaugh smear job. Samantha Davis, 24, a former staff assistant to Sen. Maggie Hassan admitted her role in the hacking and doxing of Senators who tried to protect a good man Brett Kavanaugh.

She plead guilty to two misdemeanor crimes for aiding a fired co-worker to cover his tracks as he released the private information of some GOP Senators.

Jackson Cosko was sentenced to four years in prison for breaking into Senate computers and releasing home addresses and phone numbers of Sens. Lindsey Graham, Orrin Hatch and Mike Lee.

Davis faces a maximum sentence of 18 months in prison but will most likely receive probation.

From Politico:

On Tuesday, Davis stood at a courtroom lectern as Hogan detailed her admissions in an agreed statement of facts hammered out with prosecutors.

“You were good friends,” Hogan said of Davis and Cosko. “You knew he had no right to enter the office unescorted. … You were aware Mr. Cosko was angry about his termination.”

“Mr. Cosko told you to wipe down all the computer keyboards, the computer mice and to unplug” equipment, the judge added. The effort failed because another staffer showed up at work early, the judge said.

There was little discussion of why Davis aided Cosko, but the judge said at one point that Cosko had loaned Davis money to cover her rent and asked for a favor in return. He called in that favor by asking her to hand over the office keys last October — the one time she admitted doing so.

After laying out those facts, Hogan asked her whether they were accurate.

“Yes,” Davis said.