SNL’s Colin Jost Mocks Rich Hypocrites Who Trash Trump For Border Wall: “Everyone in East Hampton is building their own small wall”


No one saw this coming but it sure is good to see. Never one to be on Trump’s side in any debate, Saturday Night Live’s Colin Jost just exposed the rank and quite obnoxious hypocrisy on the left over Trump’s desire to build a border wall.

Jost correctly points out how the wealthy who live in the Hamptons and other wealthy enclaves, like Alec Baldwin and Nancy Pelosi, tend to have high walls around their homes to keep the little people away.

He brings down the house by exposing their hypocrisy – the crowd erupts after the joke as they too seem to acknowledge the double standard.

From Bloomberg:

 “I don’t understand the level of landscaping that occurs out here,” Jost said, describing properties with “2,000 bushes” and “gates that cost so much more than the average home in America,” all to keep the neighbors out of view.

“People make fun of Trump for trying to build a wall,” Jost said. “Everyone in East Hampton is building their own small wall.”

“It is the same approach, the same approach.”

On hiatus from “Saturday Night Live,” Jost was on stage for “C.U. Out East,” a benefit for the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University Medical Center.

It was the center’s first event on the South Fork, and Jost, dressed in “the pinkest shirt I could find” for the “Hamptons chic” occasion, mined the setting for material.