Ted Cruz Shuts Down Liberal Heckler At LAX: ‘Obama Built The Cages’


Ted Cruz was in Los Angeles waiting for his flight back to Texas when a crowd of liberals staged a mini-protest.

They went after Ted, who took it all in good cheer, with chants and other nonsense. Many in the crowd came to Ted’s defense saying they agreed with him 100%.

Hillary Ronen, an elected official of San Francisco, got a little more than she bargained for when she tried to heckle Ted over the plight of the migrant children being held at the border.

From The sfexaminer: “We are horrified with what is happening with the caging of children and separation of families,” Ronen told Cruz. “I don’t know how you can live with yourself.”

Ronen and Cruz went back and forth at Los Angeles International Airport as the senator was mere moments away from boarding a plane to Texas. She spotted AFSCME 3299 members chanting “free the children” at Cruz, prompting her to confront the senator.

Ronen first introduced herself as an elected representative from San Francisco and relayed her bona fides repping one of our largest Latinx communities.

Cruz wasn’t taking it.

“The cages were built by President Obama,” he retorted. Ronen stuck to her guns.

“Kids are dying, kids are dying, and families are being separated. Please do something to stop it, you have the power. I know what it’s like to have this responsibility, but families are dying,” she told him.

At this point, off-camera interactions let the viewers know they weren’t in San Francisco anymore. A man can be heard saying, with a Texan accent, “Praise God, Ted, we support you one hundred-and-ten percent.”

When Cruz tried his Obama line again, again asking “You know who built the cages?” Ronen was ready.

“I don’t care who built the cages,” she said. “Dismantle them.”