Tom Cotton Mocks Hillary Clinton, Accuses CNN of Rigging Tonight’s Debate To Protect Dems


Tom Cotton just issued a blistering takedown of all things Hillary Clinton and took a few shots at CNN in the process.

Look, what Cotton says is hard for the elites to grasp, but they must reform and accept the new reality for the good of the country.

The new reality is Hillary and her wealthy friends are not going to be able to keep exploiting illegal immigrants for cheap labor and screwing over the American middle class. That establishment scam is over.

“CNN has said they are not going to have hand-raising or yes/no questions,” Tom Cotton started.

“Well, that’s because CNN … understands that the party they represent was embarrassed by the hand-raising questions in the first debate … CNN does not want to do anything to hurt their party,” he added.

“As the Democrats have become a party focused less on kitchen-table isues, on what matters to working Arkansans, when they are worried about not having enough paycheck to make it to the end of the month, or worried about providing for their kids’ braces or their education. ”

“They just have focused a lot more on questions about race, gender, sex, identity. For them, it has become [more] of a question about identity than a question about economics and security …”

“You know, if you’re rich, if you’re a rich lobbyist and you live in Bethesda, or if you are a rich ex-president and you live in Chappaqua outside New York, you know, mass migration is a pretty good bargain for you.”

“Immigrants are not coming here to take your job as a lobbyist, or take your job giving $200,000 speeches, so you don’t have to worry about the impact it has on your local economy.”

“You’re not sitting in an emergency room waiting to get healthcare, not being able to see a doctor, and in the meantime, it drives down the price of al the personal services that you depend on in fields where you have a lot of immigrants working, like childcare, and housecleaning, landscaping, manicures, and pedicures, [or] new fusion restaurants as well.”

“So the story in Bethesda and Chappaqua and Los Angeles and Silicon Valley of mass migration, is a pretty unalloyed good.”

“But if you’re in rural Arkansas or along the border in Texas or in manufacturing communities in the upper Midwest, it is the opposite story.”

“But the Democratic Party largely represents those elites on the coast now. They don’t represent a lot of hard-working communities across the country,” he said.