Trump Gets Huge Win As Supreme Court Rules He Can Use Military Funds For Border Wall


President Trump just scored a huge win in the Supreme Court. The issue was Can Trump divert some funds earmarked for the military to use to build a border wall after the Democrats refused to fund the initiative.

The Democrats sued when Trump took the money after declaring a state of emergency and they just suffered a stinging defeat.

Expect more to follow. From USA Today: The Supreme Court ruled Friday that President Trump can use $2.5 billion in military funding to build a portion of his long-sought wall along the nation’s southern border.

The high court’s order temporarily settles just one of several skirmishes between the Trump administration and House Democrats, “blue” states led by California, and environmental groups over border wall funds.

The court’s four liberal justices said they would have denied the spending while the lawsuit over the border wall continues to work its way through the courts. One of them, Associate Justice Stephen Breyer, would have allowed preliminary planning but not the appropriation of funds.

The dispute, which has divided the nation in much the same way a wall would divide the U.S. and Mexico, dates back to last winter’s federal budget fight that resulted in a record, five-week government shutdown. That fight ended with Democrats agreeing to spend a fraction of what the president wanted.

From Politico:

President Donald Trump scored a major victory at the Supreme Court on Friday, as the justices lifted a lower court order blocking a key part of his plan to expand the border wall with Mexico.

The Justice Department had asked the justices to stay a pair of rulings an Oakland-based federal judge issued in May and June blocking Trump’s plan to use about $2.5 billion in military construction funds for wall projects in California, Arizona and New Mexico.

All the Republican-appointed justices voted in favor of allowing Trump to proceed with that aspect of his plan while litigation over the issue continues. All the Democratic-appointed justices dissented, except for Justice Stephen Breyer who said he would have allowed the contracting process to move forward but blocked actual construction.