Trump Overrules Critics, Will Go After The Squad’ Hard At Tonight’s Rally In North Carolina


The media is furious that Trump is winning with the Squad. The Democrats are pulling their hair out that Trump is winning in his battle with the Squad.

They tried to portray him as racist, but he just doubled down and waited for the Democrats to implode.

And they have. Look, politics is not fair and if you want to make this a fight between Donald Trump and Ilhan Omar, someone who has been a citizen for what 10 years, you will lose the day.

It is that simple. America is not perfect but the absolute vitriol and venom some of those in the squad and on the left speak about our great country is disgraceful.

Yes, we must do better. Yes, we have made mistakes. But there is no place as welcoming and as generous as America.

Just ask any immigrant other than Ilhan Omar, they will tell you the truth about this great nation.

From MSN: President Trump warned members of the ‘squad’ he’ll be talking about them at his upcoming rally in North Carolina Wednesday night after the House voted to condemn his ‘racist’ tweets about the four Democratic lawmakers.

‘Big Rally tonight in Greenville, North Carolina. Lots of great things to tell you about, including the fact that our Economy is the best it has ever been. Best Employment & Stock Market Numbers EVER. I’ll talk also about people who love, and hate, our Country (mostly love)! 7:PM,’ the president wrote on Twitter.

It’s the first time Trump will address supporters since he suggested the Democratic lawmakers go ‘back where they came from.’

From The Daily Mail: In a brief phone call a few hours before he’d speak to a rally crowd in North Carolina, Trump  told that his game of mental jiu-jitsu with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was ‘one of the all-time classics’ and accused Democrats of playing the ‘race card’ against him.

‘Look, they played the race card on Nancy Pelosi.’ he said. ‘She then – it’s one of the all-time classics, they played it on Nancy Pelosi! And I came to her defense.’

He added: ‘She then, a week later, played it on me! It was rather amazing.’

As he left the White House, the president denied that he was taking pleasure in the fight that united Democrats against him – they passed a resolution rebuking ‘racist’ comments he made with the support of four Republicans.

But he insisted he was ‘winning’ and that Democrats are ‘making a big mistake’ embracing the far-left politicians.

‘I’m not relishing the fight. I’m enjoying it because I have to get the word out to the American people. And you have to enjoy what you do. I enjoy what I do. It’s not a question of relishing. They’re wrong, they’re absolutely wrong,’ he said. ‘We’re not going to be a socialist country.’

Asked if he planned that sequence of events and the one that followed yesterday, which ended with the passage of a resolution condemning him, he paused.

‘Well, let’s put it this way,’ Trump said. ‘I’m not unhappy.’

From The Hill: Democrats, in turn, are weighing how to respond.

They almost uniformly believe there is a moral imperative to hit back at what they see as blatant racism on Trump’s part.

But they also want to avoid getting into a fight on his preferred territory of visceral, race-based appeals — especially if doing so would take the spotlight off topics such as health care and the economy, where they believe they hold the advantage.

“Being righteous and losing sucks,” one Democratic strategist fretted, asking for anonymity to speak candidly. “If people really want their vengeance on Trump, beat him.”