Trump Threatens Mitch McConnell With Executive Order Over Stalled Drug Price Bill


President Trump ran against both political parties and crushed them – something both parties forget far too often.

Trump is not beholden to one orthodoxy or another and he is not bought and paid for by the big lobby shops in D.C.

Take the high cost of prescription drugs as one example. Trump wants them lowered and has faced resistance from both sides. But sadly, the GOP has been giving him more resistance on it than the Democrats.

They are stalling a bill that would be a game-changer for seniors, but Trump ever nimble may reach across the aisle and use Dem votes to get it done. Or a simple executive order.

Look, Trump wants results – lower drug prices – and he will blow up the political establishment and party politics to get it if he has to.

And he should – it is a national disgrace that we pay more for drugs than the rest of the world and a scandal when you consider that taxpayers fund or partially fund the development of many of these drugs.

From Axios:

The White House is preparing another big executive order on drug prices, Reuters scooped last night.

The big picture: Citing industry sources who had discussed the plan with the administration, Reuters says that it would likely seek to lower prices in Medicare Part D, which covers drugs you pick up at the pharmacy counter. The administration’s most sweeping proposal to date — to piggyback off of the lower prices in European countries — was limited to Part B, which covers drugs administered by a doctor.

It’s not clear whether the new Part D proposal would also rely on international pricing, per Reuters. Part D is much bigger than Part B.

Between the lines: It’s probably no coincidence that this threat is being floated just as the White House is trying to build support for the Senate Finance Committee’s drug-pricing bill, despite Republican objections.

Where it stands in the Senate: Finance approved the Grassley-Wyden bill yesterday, but the proceedings left no doubt that there are still stark divisions within the GOP over drug pricing, and more resistance than we’re used to seeing on policies Trump supports.

The intrigue: Nine of the committee’s 15 Republicans voted against the bill. All of the Democrats supported it, leading to a final vote of 19-9.

The bill’s proposal to cap price increases within Part D is clearly the biggest sticking point for Republicans. An amendment to strike that provision, offered by Sen. Pat Toomey, failed on a 14-14 vote.