Anderson Copper Takes Cheap Shot At Ivanka Trump, Calls POTUS “Pathetic”


Anderson Cooper used his opening monologue to attack President Trump and Ivanka Trump.

Cooper went after Trump for darn near everything saying he changes positions too much on issues that impact all of America.

Not sure about switching positions – he is open to hearing from all sides of the debate but when he doesn’t decide in favor of the left, they do tend to trash him.

That is what most people see. But then Anderson Cooper did what he does best – took a few cheap shots at Ivanka Trump. Just nasty stuff.

“It should be noted that throughout history calling Jews disloyal has been a common anti-Semitic trope,” Cooper said.

“It’s been a pretext to exclude Jews, or take their businesses, or put them in ghettos, or expel them, or expel them from schools or exterminate them.”

“Ivanka Trump must be very proud of her dad tonight, and you probably can just watch for an Ivanka leak in the coming days about how she tried to talk her father into changing that kinda language.

“It’s a classic Ivanka move,” he added before lashing out at Trump.

“These are complete and total changes and positions from one day to the next,” said Anderson Cooper.

Even if his words mean nothing, he is…making decisions that impact…our futures. It may seem funny…but it’s not. This is pathetic.”