DOJ IG Report Released, Rips James Comey For Violating FBI Policies


The IG report is on and James Comey should be facing criminal prosecution. Bill Barr as of today is deciding to not bring charges that may change with the report finally in.

The IG report says Comey set a “dangerous example” for FBI employees in an attempt to “achieve a personally desired outcome.”

“The OIG determined that Comey violated applicable policies and his FBI Employment Agreement by providing one of the unclassified memos that contained official FBI information, including sensitive investigative information, to his friend with instructions for the friend to share the contents of the memo with a reporter.”

From The Hill: The Justice Department’s internal watchdog on Thursday released a scathing report stating that former FBI Director James Comey violated FBI policies and his employment agreement with the bureau by leaking memos containing classified information.

“We conclude that Comey’s retention, handling, and dissemination of certain Memos violated Department and FBI policies, and his FBI Employment Agreement,” the Justice Department inspector general report states.

From CNN: The Justice Department inspector general’s office referred former FBI Director James Comey for potential prosecution over his handling of memos that the FBI later determined contained classified information, a person familiar with the matter confirmed Thursday.

Justice Department prosecutors declined to prosecute Comey, in part because they didn’t believe there was evidence to show Comey knew and intended to violate laws on handling classified information.

At issue were memos that Comey shared with a friend and attorney, Daniel Richman, who then shared the information with a New York Times reporter.

Two memos Comey shared contained information the FBI deemed as “confidential,” the lowest classification level.

Read the full report here.