Epstein’s Bodyguard Breaks Silence On Suicide: “Somebody helped him to do that”


Jeffrey Epstein’s bodyguard and driver was a former UFC fighter Igor Zinoviev from Russia. He worked for Epstein for 6 years.

As a driver, bodyguard and a quasi-personal trainer. He has not spoken to the press in quite a while but a reporter who interviewed him in the past was able to get in touch.

And what this is guy is saying is stunning. English is not his first language so some meaning make be unclear but he said Epstein used to get phone calls telling him the cops were coming a day before.


He also said Epstein had to have help in offing himself. Then he ominously warned the reporter to stop digging.

From The Washington Examiner:

“Somebody helped him to do that,” former UFC fighter Igor Zinoviev, who was also Epstein’s driver and trainer, told New York Magazine. When pressed why he believed Epstein had help, Zinoviev said, “Listen, you know, that’s going a little too deep.”

“I’m not sad. I mean, I didn’t have anything against him, like a bad thing, you know? I don’t care about his life completely,” he continued. “I don’t give a, let’s say, like, crap about how he die, how he live, or how he’s managed.”

Zinoviev later warned interviewer M.L. Nestel to not put himself in “trouble” after asking him about his earlier claims that Epstein would get phone calls warning him in advance when police were going to visit.

“You said: ‘He always do something wrong. There was some nights in question. There was at home arrest and police, before they come to the house, they call him and tell him they coming in at eight o’clock in the morning. It’s all corruption you know. It’s all bullshit,'” Nestel told Zinoviev.

“Listen, don’t put yourself in trouble. Seriously,” Zinoviev replied, adding, “Let that go. Seriously. Let that go.” He refused to talk about it over the phone any further.