James Mattis Shuts Down CBS Reporter Over Trashing Trump: “I will not speak ill of a sitting president”


Former Secretary of Defense James Mattis just showed true class and gave a lesson to all the rabid liberals and hysterical media figures.

Now, we all know Mattis and Trump did not agree on everything – no president and cabinet do. They worked together well for a few years and did some very successful business.

The two men more than most get the credit for destroying ISIS – Trump unleashed Mattis to do what was necessary.

But they disagreed on future course of action and Mattis simply told Trump you deserve a staff aligned with you as the staff works for POTUS not the other way around.

The media made this into a scandal and built up Mattis as another Mueller-like hero that would take down Trump.

Literally, the media have been bashing Mattis for not trashing Trump with some even saying he had a duty to trash Trump.

Enter James Mattis in his first television interview which will air later on CBS.

From CBS:

“I will not speak ill of a sitting president. I’m not going to do it,” Mattis told Martin. “He’s an unusual president, our president is. And I think that especially with, just the rabid nature of politics today, we gotta be careful. We could tear this country apart.”

Mattis resigned in December 2018, one day after President Trump announced that the United States was pulling its troops out of Syria, a decision with which Mattis did not agree. Mattis believed a sudden pullout would undermine the campaign against ISIS and betray allies fighting alongside Americans.

“This is how I saw the strength of America, that we keep our alliances together and we keep them tight,” Mattis said. “And if I wasn’t the right person to do this, [then] the President needed someone more aligned with his views.”

Mattis said he has not spoken with Mr. Trump since he resigned.

In the wide-ranging interview, Mattis also talks with Martin about his four decades in the Marine Corps; his time in the Obama administration; his new book, “Call Sign Chaos”; and the lessons history has taught him.

“You just have a role to play for a little while, so play it well, but don’t let it go to your head,” Mattis remarked.