Judge Blocks NY From Sharing Trump Tax Returns With Dems


The Democrats really had a bad debate last night. The debate turned into a mudslinging contest and Barack Obama left sullied.

Why the Democrats would trash Barack Obama, who is still very popular with the base, is beyond all professionals in politics.

It is political malpractice to trash the guy way more popular than you, that you will need to actually campaign for you if you have any chance of winning, but the Democrats were never good at politics.

They left keeps losing and while this judge’s order is temporary, it is still another loss for the hapless Democrats.

From The Hill: The order from judge Carl Nichols, a Trump appointee to the federal district court in D.C., comes one day after Nichols said that he was leaning toward issuing such an order during a teleconference.

Trump last week filed a lawsuit against the Ways and Means Committee and two New York officials, challenging a new New York state law that allows the chairs of Congress’s tax committees to request public officials’ state tax returns from the New York department of taxation and revenue.

Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal (D-Mass.) has not yet made a final determination about whether he will seek Trump’s New York tax returns under the law.

The New York officials contend that the federal court in D.C. doesn’t have jurisdiction over them and that the proper venue for the case is New York, not D.C.

In his order, Nichols set a schedule for the New York officials to argue their motion to dismiss. And he ordered the New York officials to not provide the Ways and Means Committee with any requested tax information about Trump until one week after he issues a ruling on their motion.

Nichols also directed the New York officials to notify the court and Trump if Neal requests Trump’s state tax returns during the period of time in which the state can’t provide the returns under the order.