Lindsey Graham On Barr Prosecuting Comey For Leaking: ‘I’d hate to be Comey’


Lindsey Graham broke his silence on the allegation made by a reporter that Bill Barr has at this point decided not to bring charges against James Comey.

Bill Barr is turning over every rock he can find to discover what happened with the whole Russia debacle. It seems he is getting close to the truth.

Comey possibly leaking is small fish and Barr knows it, which may be why he is not going after Comey now.

It may be too that if he brings charges against the bad actors he can’t miss. That said, Lindsey is stunned at the charges and trusts Bill Barr’s judgment.

“If Bill Barr decided not to prosecute on disclosing the memos, I accept his judgment. I’ve known him for 20 years,” Graham said.

“I want him to do what he thinks is right by the law and not prosecute anybody if you don’t think the case is there, because somebody else got mistreated is no reason to continue that practice,” Graham added.

“If it’s true, and we will know pretty soon, it’s stunning, beyond stunning.”

“And if he does bring a charge against Comey after doing this, I’d hate to be Comey,” he said.

Mike Huckabee also commented on the story. Mike wrote: “This week brings an avalanche of breaking news concerning bad actors at the FBI and Justice Department. Let’s start with one of the baddest actors of them all, former FBI Director James Comey.

According to investigative reporter John Solomon in THE HILL, Inspector General Michael Horowitz is close to completion on his report, and his assessment of Comey’s conduct is scathing. He reportedly has concluded that Comey leaked classified information –- which is a violation of the Espionage Act –- and showed “lack of candor” (translation: lying).

The IG even referred Comey for possible prosecution, but Solomon reports that Attorney General Barr is declining to move forward on that.

And it would be sadly ironic if Comey wasn’t prosecuted on Espionage Act violations because of the difficulty of proving “intent”; after all, that’s the same rationale Comey himself used for not charging Hillary. And “intent” isn’t even part of the statute,” he added.