Michelle and Barack Obama To Release First Film, Take Shot At Trump


The Obamas are back and have President Trump squarely in their sights. They never mention Trump by name when they rip him, preferring instead to play by the old rules Trump has ripped up.

They speak like politicians and try to have it both ways while Trump just speaks his mind. In this way, Trump has become a huge champion of Middle America who hates double speak from our leaders.

But make no mistake the Obama’s are bashing Trump and their foray into Hollywood is more of the same.

From Politico: In a final scene of the Netflix documentary American Factory, the chairman of a Chinese auto glass company walks through the sprawling floor of one of the company’s factories in Dayton, Ohio, as an aide points to different departments where employees will soon be replaced by robotic arms and other machines.

“We’re hoping to cancel four workers in July or August,” the aide tells him, almost proudly, before adding, “They are too slow.”

Scenes like this are typical in the film, which depicts the fallout after Shanghai-based Fuyao Glass revives a former GM plant and hires many of its American former employees. The employees are at first excited to have new jobs, but soon find themselves struggling to swallow a fraction of their former pay, difficult working conditions and the prospect that, no longer protected by a union, they could be fired at any moment.

The documentary, which debuts on Netflix on August 21, never mentions President Donald Trump by name—but its message is clear:

Trump’s promise to reinvigorate the industrial heartland is going to take a lot more than a campaign slogan.

There are no easy solutions. And if some manufacturing jobs do come back, they’re going to look nothing like they used to.

Americans will have to accept a new reality to stay competitive in the global marketplace—one that they might not like, and one that Trump doesn’t acknowledge.

This message is also coming straight from Barack and Michelle Obama. American Factory is the first project to come from the Obamas’ production company, Higher Ground, as part of the deal they made with Netflix to produce a slate of series, movies and documentaries that reflect their values. Higher Ground acquired the movie after its debut at the Sundance Film Festival.