Mike Huckabee Claims IG Referred James Comey To DOJ For Possible Prosecution


Mike Huckabee just dropped an absolute bombshell that has one James Comey looking over his shoulder.

Comey was a disaster for America – look, if you are a Democrat you will never forgive him for inserting himself into a critical election.

And if you are a Republican you will never forgive Comey for inserting himself and trying to derail Trump’s first two years.

In other words, if he did anything wrong he will be hung out to dry and according to Huckabee, Comey did plenty wrong.

Mike wrote: “This week brings an avalanche of breaking news concerning bad actors at the FBI and Justice Department. Let’s start with one of the baddest actors of them all, former FBI Director James Comey.

According to investigative reporter John Solomon in THE HILL, Inspector General Michael Horowitz is close to completion on his report, and his assessment of Comey’s conduct is scathing. He reportedly has concluded that Comey leaked classified information –- which is a violation of the Espionage Act –- and showed “lack of candor” (translation: lying).

The IG even referred Comey for possible prosecution, but Solomon reports that Attorney General Barr is declining to move forward on that.

All right now, get a grip. I know it seems that this decision is just one more example of a two-tiered justice system, and at first glance it sure does look like that.

We’ve seen it so many times before. Solomon, however, presents this news as just the first shoe to drop, saying there’s much more to come and that Barr’s decision should be seen as part of a larger strategy. Don’t be dismayed, he says, to hear that Barr has declined to prosecute Comey on this “narrow charge,” because the full story is so much bigger and so much worse. Barr is playing the long game and building his overall case. He wants the first prosecutorial step he takes to be on absolutely solid ground.

According to Gregg Jarrett in an appearance on Wednesday’s HANNITY, Barr can always choose to prosecute Comey on these violations later, at least as long as the statute of limitations hasn’t run out. Let’s hope he does that, as it’s just not right for people such as Mike Flynn and George Papadopoulos to be prosecuted for lying when other far more egregious examples such as Hillary Clinton and James Comey are not.

And it would be sadly ironic if Comey wasn’t prosecuted on Espionage Act violations because of the difficulty of proving “intent”; after all, that’s the same rationale Comey himself used for not charging Hillary. And “intent” isn’t even part of the statute,” he added.