Queen Elizabeth Suspends Parliament For Boris Johnson As Critics Erupt In Rage


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson asked Queen Elizabeth to suspend parliament so the nation could move forward with a hard Brexit.

She just agreed and will suspend Parliament. Wow, this is big. The Queen agreed to prorogue (suspend) Parliament of a few weeks in September and October.

Johnson asked the queen to suspend Parliament when lawmakers return from their summer vacation.

That would be around the second week in September and a few weeks before the nation will pull a hard Brexit from the European Union.

There remain some wrinkles to iron out – mainly Nancy Pelosi and what she could to hold up any trade deals with the USA England would need to limit any economic fallout associated with a hard Brexit.

To say Boris’ opponents are not pleased is an understatement. From NPR:

Johnson insists he wants Parliament suspended so he can develop an agenda for his new government. He adds that a queen’s speech has now been scheduled for Oct. 14, when he will present his agenda.

Critics, opposition politicians and some members of Johnson’s own Conservative party say his maneuver would give lawmakers little time to push back on a no-deal Brexit, which a majority of the Parliament opposes.

In an interview at 10 Downing Street, Johnson said, “We’re not going to wait until October 31st before getting on with our plans to take this country forward.”

“This is a new government with a very exciting agenda,” Johnson continued.

Member of Parliament Anna Soubry called Johnson’s move “outrageous.” She tweeted that Parliament “will be shut down at a moment of crisis as we face crashing out of the #EU with no deal & for which there is no mandate. Our democracy is under threat from a ruthless PM elected by less than 100K Con members. Email your MP now & demand Parliament sits.”

Yvette Cooper, an opposition Labour lawmaker, tweeted, “Boris Johnson is trying to use the Queen to concentrate power in his own hands — this is a deeply dangerous and irresponsible way to govern.”