Rashida Tlaib’s Family In Palestine Drive BMW’s And Mercedes-Benz’s, Take Fancy Vacations To Europe


Another day, another member of the Squad gets exposed as a total fraud. Today’s winner is Rashida Tlaib. You better sit down for this one because it is bad.

Tlaib has been hammering Trump, Bibi, Israel, and even Bill Maher over her insistence that Israel is a bad actor and must be stopped.

Tlaib and her poor grandmother made it seem her family was living under an oppressive regime, were starving, without work, and suffering every day at the hands of evil Israel.

Couldn’t travel, didn’t have the basic necessities let alone the finer things in life.

Well, according to Rashida Tlaib’s own family’s facebook pages, they live in luxury, drive BMW’s and Mercedes and vacation in Europe and other fancy locations.

Rashida Tlaib must apologize to the entire world right now. What a fraud. Unreal.

From Israel Hayom:

If you look at the Facebook profiles of people who actually live there, you will discover that things are actually not bad at all.

Achiam Tlaib, for example, drives a brand new BMW. On his Facebook account, you can see that his family lives in a very comfortable three-story building.

Raja Tlaib shared on his Facebook account pictures of himself posing next to his new Mercedes, wearing an expensive suit. He also has pictures showing him working out in a gym that has the latest equipment.

Mawaid Tlaib uploaded pictures of his vacations in Italy and other places, and Anas Tlaib has a very expensive Mercedes.

Samach Tlaib drives a BMW and Niaf Tlaib drives a Corvette convertible and uploaded pictures posing next to his new home under construction, also with three stories.

Many of them also have pictures showing them visiting places inside the Green Line (pre-1967 Israel): Jaffa, Acre, Tel Aviv and so on. So perhaps all those checkpoints that supposedly make Palestinian life so miserable are just a myth?

In fact, even the World Bank said in 2014 that the village is one of the richest in the region. The poverty rate in the village stood at 7.4 % in 2014, compared to the overall rate of 21% in the Palestinian Authority.

Only a handful of villages have a lower poverty rate in the PA and employment in the village is also among the lowest in the PA. But perhaps the most important statistic is this: The rate of social mobility in Beit-Ur al-Fauqa is among the highest in the PA.