Rudy Giuliani Wants James Comey Prosecuted For Trying To ‘Extort President Trump’


Rudy Giuliani dropped the hammer on the hapless and hated James Comey last night on Laura Ingraham’s show.

Look, Comey sunk Hillary so the left hates him and he tried to sink Trump so the right hates him. He is truly a disgrace no matter what side of the aisle you sit – hatred for Comey is about the only thing Americans agree on and that is saying something.

Rudy for his part wants Comey prosecuted for trying to extort Trump. Rudy said:

Well, I think this report, forget whether it’s a crime or not, sort of details the worst director in the history of the FBI …

Take Jay Edgar Hoover, put him aside, whatever he did, this guy, he broke every rule. If you look at the Horowitz report, he broke every rule of the FBI. Now, I think he should be prosecuted. If you don’t think he should be prosecuted, okay.

But for him to say I didn’t leak. The report demonstrates that he leaked. He’s completely lying today. “I didn’t lie”? The report demonstrates he lied. It just — they’re giving him a break. They’re basically saying, “Oh, you know, we shouldn’t prosecute, not enough evidence.”

But he lied; he leaked; he’s a disreputable head of the FBI. He’s a disgrace to the FBI. He used it for political purposes, the report demonstrates all of that.

100%. Number one, it was a clear entrapment. 100% clear entrapment by Comey, who, despite his moral problems, is a very smart guy. Unlike Mueller, who is lacking intellect, this guy’s very smart.

He was trying to trap him, like he trapped (Former national security advisor Michael) Flynn. Trying to trap him. “You’re not a target; it’s okay; I have the thing in my bag, but I wasn’t going to tell you, I’m going to indict you.”

Horrible thing to do; any reputable prosecutor would be disgraced by that. So he was going to trap the president, and it’s completely disingenuous for him to make these statements now.

Who knows what the liberal media is going to do with this, but this guy is completely disgraced in the eyes of any FBI agent.

They realize this is worse than anything J. Edgar Hoover ever did. When he walked in, when the president was president-elect, and faced him with that, he was trying to tell him, “I have something, I have something on you so you better keep me in office.”

And he even realized he was going to do it; there are other statements that made it clear that he realized he was going to extort the president of the United States.