Rush Limbaugh: 75% Chance Michelle Obama Joins Race For POTUS To Settle Old Scores


“I think the Obamas collectively think they’ve got a lot of scores to settle,” Rush Limbaugh told his listeners Tuesday before he made a precision that shocked the world.

Look, the Democrats are desperate and Michelle Obama and Oprah are about the only two individuals the splintered Dem party agrees on.

And believe me, the pressure on those two to run will only grow as the Dem field continues to get exposed as the historically weak and uninspiring field that it is.

No one they have can beat Trump and as that truth settles in the party leaders may try to find a miracle.

“A lot of people, when I say this, ‘Rush, there’s no way. She’s not gonna give up the life she’s got. Nobody would. She’s rich. She’s famous. She’d have to work when she doesn’t want to work. She can go wherever she wants to go, she’s treated like royally.’”

“Don’t discount the idea that Michelle (My Belle) Obama has got her own passionate and radical ideas. I think the Obamas collectively think they’ve got a lot of scores to settle. That 2016 Trump victory was taken as a personal humiliating, resounding rejection. Obama’s out there, he campaigned more for Hillary than she campaigned for herself.”

“The main reason he’s not endorsing anybody is because his wife may jump into this thing at the end of it. He also can’t afford to lose! If he endorses somebody that loses? The worst thing in the world that could happen is for that to happen.”

“Everybody’s wondering, ‘Why doesn’t Obama endorse Biden?’ Ha-ha-ha. Folks. If you knew what Obama probably really thought of Biden, you’d be stunned, is my guess,” he said.

“But one of the big reasons in Obama’s case is that — do not doubt me on this — there is every possibility, I wouldn’t know what percentage to attach to it, a number like 75 percent, 80, I don’t know, but there’s a decent percentage chance that she gets in this. But not in the middle of this fray,” he said.

“The Obamas are so far above this level of plebeian battle. Let these reprobates battle it out and destroy them and in the process maybe do great damage to the party and then swoop in, after having spent no money, and after having made nobody mad, Michelle (My Belle) Obama swoops in to save the Democrat Party from itself to a roaring media crescendo of excitement and approval. Don’t rule it out.”