Sherri Shepherd Rips Joy Behar: “Doesn’t Know How to Keep Her Damn Mouth Shut”


Former View host Sherri Shepard went on Andy Cohen’s show and spilled the beans about some rumored behind the scenes drama at The View.

Shepherd hasn’t hosted in five years but the shenanigans from the hosts is seared in her memory – these ladies are a bunch of jerks it seems.

None bigger than the always obnoxious Joy Behar. Sheppard also seemed to confirm the rumors that Joy Behar was close to getting fired for being a loudmouth.


From The Decider:

Cohen then launched into the game by asking how Shepherd “reacted to learning that Hasselbeck tried to quit during a commercial break,” a moment that was captured via audio and released in early April.

“I was there,” she said. “When Elisabeth was going to walk off, I was like, boy, y’all white people are something else. You gon’ leave a job?”

“Thoughts on Rosie saying Whoopi was mean to her on the show?” asked Cohen. “Whoopi was like an auntie in my head,” replied Shepherd.

“She’s hard on you, but when she’s hard on you, she expects a lot.” When asked about Walters “threatening to fire Joy” Behar after she accidentally told reporters that O’Donnell was joining The View in 2006, Shepherd laughed.

“Joy doesn’t know how to keep her damn mouth shut!” she said.

Shepherd went on to confirm Jenny McCarthy’s claim that “Barbara always critiqued her outfits,” telling Cohen, “Yeah. I do remember one time, Jenny had an outfit on and Barbara wanted the same outfit.

Like, she wanted to wear the same outfit that Jenny had on.” When fellow guest Ashley Darby said that Walters’ outfit envy was “a compliment,” the former host corrected her. “It’s not a compliment when you 19 and it’s 80,” said Shepherd. “I don’t know if that’s a compliment.”