Trump’s Support Among Farmers Surges Dealing Huge Blow To Dems Chances In 2020


The news keeps getting worse for Elizabeth Warren. Look, Joe Biden’s campaign is flailing – he doesn’t have it, and to be honest, he never did.

Liz Warren, however, is packing in the crowds while the rest of the field struggles to attack anyone to their rallies and town halls.

The field will thin as they drop like flies when reality sets in and expect Biden to last until the first votes come in.

That said whoever the nominee is will be devastated by the new numbers coming out of farm country. Farmers have been hit the hardest by the trade war and if the Dems can steal some support from Trump here they could win.

But that is not happening according to a new by Farm Futures. The report claims that Trump’s support among farmers is surging not declining with 67% saying they would back him for reelection.

From Yahoo:

Still, growers backing Trump believe something needs to be done about the U.S. trade deficit even if the outcome is bad for agriculture in the short term, said Farm Futures Executive Editor Mike Wilson.

“I don’t like it, but I understand the need to get a better deal for the U.S.,” Brad Nelson, who farms 1,200 acres (487 hectares) in southern Minnesota, said in an interview during the Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour last week. “The Chinese are always coming up with excuses not to import U.S. corn, DDGs, ethanol. When they do that to us, I understand the need to work on changes.”

Growers who were already suffering from years of depressed prices are now contending with the fallout from the trade war. Demand for ethanol has also slumped, with many agricultural groups pointing to waivers the Trump administration has granted to 31 oil refiners.

That’s adding to stress as farm debt is expected to rise 3.9% this year to $427 billion. In 2018, farm debt-to-income was at the highest level since 1984, in the midst of the farm crisis. To ease the blow, the Trump administration had pledged about $28 billion in aid.

Only 6% of the farmers who voted for Trump said they wouldn’t back him if the elections were held today, according to the survey, which is being released Thursday at the Farm Progress show in Decatur, Illinois. The president’s status also grew among those who didn’t support him, with 2% of the voters who supported Hillary Clinton in 2016 saying they’d vote for Trump.

“My support for the administration goes beyond issues with agriculture,” Nelson said, citing policies in the areas of health care, immigration and education.

Roger Cerven, who farms 2,200 acres with his son in Iowa, also points to issues beyond agriculture for his support.

“I’m not in favor of everyone going to college for free, or getting health care for free,” he said during the crop tour. “Someone has to pay the bill.”