Unhappy Trump Dooms James Comey: ‘Surprised’ Your ‘Illegal’ Behavior Not Punished


President Trump just broke his silence on the absolutely stunning news that James Comey was referred to the DOJ for criminal prosecution but Bill Barr did not bring charges.

No one knows why Barr did not charge showboat Comey. The theories range from it was a tough case to prove beyond a reasonable doubt to Barr has bigger news coming later.

That said, Trump does not seem happy and James Comey must be worried after hearing this:

“I would frankly be surprised because what James Comey did was illegal. So I would be surprised but I don’t know anything about that.”

From CNN: The Justice Department inspector general’s office referred former FBI Director James Comey for potential prosecution over his handling of memos that the FBI later determined contained classified information, a person familiar with the matter confirmed Thursday.

Justice Department prosecutors declined to prosecute Comey, in part because they didn’t believe there was evidence to show Comey knew and intended to violate laws on handling classified information.

At issue were memos that Comey shared with a friend and attorney, Daniel Richman, who then shared the information with a New York Times reporter.

Two memos Comey shared contained information the FBI deemed as “confidential,” the lowest classification level.

“I want him to do what he thinks is right by the law and not prosecute anybody if you don’t think the case is there, because somebody else got mistreated is no reason to continue that practice,” Lindsey Graham said about the bombshell news.

“If it’s true, and we will know pretty soon, it’s stunning, beyond stunning.”

“And if he does bring a charge against Comey after doing this, I’d hate to be Comey,” he said.