Ben Carson Gets Huge Win As IG Report Finds No Evidence Of Misconduct In Furniture Case


Ben Carson is the one conservative liberals love to hate. They have been after him forever but went into overdrive when he came out in support of Trump.

So they went after him and his wife and used their friends in the media to do the dirty work.

It is a sad commentary on today’s politics that you are charged, tried, and found guilty all in 5 minutes by the media using dubious sources.

The media lives off leaks, the nastier the better, but do they apologize when they are wrong and do they correct the record?

We will see as Fox News just broke the story that Ben Carson has been cleared of all wrongdoing by the IG.

From Fox News:

The inspector general found that Carson left the matter of purchasing furniture to members of his staff to handle, “in consultation with his wife, who provided stylistic input after the Department decided to purchase new furniture.”

“We found no evidence indicating that either Secretary or Mrs. Carson exerted improper influence on any departmental employee in connection with the procurement,” the report stated.

“We did not find sufficient evidence to substantiate allegations of misconduct on the part of Secretary Carson in connection with this procurement.”

The inspector general found that HUD staff initiated a process in mid-2017 to replace the dining room furniture in Carson’s suite. HUD officials obligated $31,561 in departmental funds on Dec. 21, 2017 for the purchase of new dining room furniture, but “did not make required notification” to the House and Senate’s appropriations committees before doing so.

HUD, though, ultimately did not get the furniture. The order was canceled on March 1, 2018 at the direction of Carson, in response to media reports.

The inspector general wrote that they “are not making any recommendations to the Department as a result of the evidence gathered in this investigation because we found no evidence of misconduct and because the Department is working to address the legal ramifications of the dining-room furniture procurement and to prevent future appropriations-law violations.”