Chuck Grassley Defends Kavanaugh’s Honor, Says He Investigated New Claim And Found Nothing


Chuck Grassley is furious and he has every right to be. Grassley led the judicial committee that approved Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court.

Chuck takes his job seriously and even though the Democrats pulled a last-minute hail mary hit job to try to derail Brett’s conformation, Chuck and his team actually investigated all the claims.

Think of that for a minute – would the left have done the same? Highly doubtful. But huck and his team went through all the evidence and then went out and tried to collect more.

So Chuck was stunned and saddened when the New York Times ran another BS story trying to take down Kavanaugh.

Chuck let them have it on social media tweeting:

@NYTimes did not contact Sen. Grassley’s office for this story. If they had, we would’ve reminded them of a few key public facts they omitted:

@senjudiciary staff proactively contacted Ms. Ramirez’ lawyers soon after the New Yorker story broke.

Despite 7 attempts by staff, Ms. Ramirez’ lawyers declined to provide documentary evidence referenced in the article/witness accounts to support the claims. They also declined invitations for Ms. Ramirez to speak with committee investigators or to provide a written statement.

Nonetheless, our investigators spoke to and reviewed material from several Yale classmates of Ms. Ramirez and Justice Kavanaugh in order to assess the claim. You can read the committee’s 414-page investigative summary here:

The committee’s review found no verifiable evidence to support the claims. The @nytimes’ own reporting at the time noted that it couldn’t find anyone with firsthand knowledge & that Ms. Ramirez told friends she couldn’t be sure Kavanaugh was involved:

Ultimately, Ms. Ramirez’ team agreed only to contact the FBI with the claims. She was reportedly interviewed by the FBI during its supplemental background investigation.