CNN’s Phil Mudd Rips New White House Leaker: “I am ticked off, Congress should not be asking the intel guys to go snitch on the president”


There is a new White House leaker/whistleblower and the media is up in arms already and they don’t even know what is about to leak.

If you missed it, Adam Schiff and DNI Maguire are fighting over whether the whistleblower acted properly and moreover whether Congress deserves to hear the leak.

The executive branch and Bill Barr believe the information contained in the leak is privileged, Schiff disagrees.

What we know is that Trump had a phone call with a foreign leader and made some type of “promise.” Enter Phil Mudd an ex-CIA counterterrorism official.

Chris Cuomo had him on and Chris expected Mudd to be like every other talking head and be outraged by Trump’s behavior.

Instead, Mudd turned the tables and blasted the leaker saying Trump can say whatever the hell he wants and to whom.

From The Daily Beast:

“Boy, I’m about ready to blow a gasket—that is extremely unusual,” Mudd howled. “Can you explain to me:

A) why it’s the U.S. intelligence community’s responsibility to listen to the president of the United States speaking to a foreign leader and

B) why did the U.S. intelligence community—under the rules provided by the Democrats in Congress—are responsible to report to the Congress what the president of the United States says.”

Cuomo, somewhat taken aback by Mudd’s criticism, wanted to confirm that Mudd didn’t “like that somebody snitched on the president.”

Mudd went on to say that the only whistleblower issues with the intel community should revolve around in-house policing such as misuse of funds, prompting Cuomo to wonder what they should do if the president promised something that was “over the line.”

“What the heck is over the line?!” Mudd shouted. “The president can say what he wants to Putin, he can say what he wants to Kim Jong Un!”

He added: “The president can say what he wants. It’s not the responsibility of the intel guys to go police the president and go snitch on him to the Congress. Ridiculous!”

The former CIA official then praised acting DNI Joseph Maguire for his refusal so far to share details of the complaint to Congress. Cuomo, meanwhile, felt that this represented checks and balances.

“I don’t agree with that,” Mudd scowled, adding: “I am ticked off. This is completely inappropriate. The Congress should not be asking the intel guys to go snitch on the president. No!”