Dolphins Trade Anthem Kneeler Who Trashed Owner Ross For Helping Trump Raise Money


Miami Dolphins rece3ived caused a major stir when he trashed his own owner for the unpardonable sin of backing Tru,p.

Stephen Ross has known Trump for over 40 years and has had some feuds with POTUS but overall their relationship is solid.

So when he decided to hold a fundraiser for Trump it should not have been front-page news or near the scandal, the left tried to make it.

Mainly because one of the Dolphins players Kenny Still, who also happens to be one of the last anthem kneelers, called out Ross.

Well, today he learned actions have consequences after Ross traded him. From The Western Journal:

But it’s the other player that Houston nabbed that is raising some eyebrows. Receiver Kenny Stills, one of the NFL’s last remaining anthem kneelers and close friend of Colin Kaepernick, was seemingly thrown into the deal. The Texans have no real need for a receiver, and already employ arguably the best receiver in football in DeAndre Hopkins.

So was Kenny Stills dumped into the trade because of the critical remarks he had made toward Dolphins owner Stephen Ross? The world will likely never know, but that hasn’t stopped social media from speculating that Ross got rid of Stills after the receiver bad-mouthed Ross over a fundraiser Ross hosted for President Donald Trump.

Stills had previously taken to social media to accuse Ross of hypocrisy for both founding a nonprofit, “RISE,” that promotes equality and also throwing a fundraiser for Trump.

Stills led the charge to try inflict as much damage on Ross, his former boss, as possible resulting in accounts like this.

From The Daily Wire:

Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has been pressured to step down from the NFL’s “social justice” committee, former defensive end Chris Long revealed during a Sports Illustrated interview this week.

“We just removed, or got Stephen Ross to agree to be off a working group,” Long said, boasting of the committee’s accomplishments and autonomous nature.

“Stephen made the decision last week and informed the NFL and members of the working committee that he was going to step aside from the group and continue to focus his efforts at RISE (Ross Initiative in Sports for Equality),” a Dolphins spokesperson said in a statement, according to Bleacher Report.

“He believes in and is still fully committed to the work that has been done by the group and will always be a passionate supporter and tireless advocate for social justice causes, the fight for equal rights and education.”

Ross was hit with major left-wing backlash earlier this month after he hosted a fundraiser for President Donald Trump.