Eric Trump Drops Hammer On “Disgrace” Adam Schiff: “Exactly why we need term limits in this country”


“They know they’re not going to win. Who’s going to beat him? Joe Biden” Eric Trump said before trashing the hapless Congressman from California on Fox and Friends.

“They know their only chance is to try to belittle him and change the conversation from the economy,” Eric said before telling Trump supporters all is well.

“Guys, we’re going to win again. We’re going to win again. You mark my words. This is going to backfire on them.”

“The Democrats know that they cannot win in 2020. They tried this before with the Russia hoax,” Eric Trump said.

“They’re trying to get [Associate Justice Brett] Kavanaugh again. Every time that they can create some sensational firestorm, they do it.”

“You know why? Because we have the greatest economy in the history of our country,” Eric Trump continued.

“Our country is doing phenomenally well. We’re getting results on just about every single front.”

“Look at everything that Adam Schiff said about the Russian hoax,” Trump said. “The guy has been wrong time and time again. And it’s a disgrace.”

“Their political system is broken. Adam Schiff is exactly why we need term limits in this country. He’s a total disgrace.”