Gorsuch Shuts Down Critics: “I’ve got great confidence in America and I say to those who don’t: Look elsewhere.”


“This country has been through a lot of challenges and always risen resiliently to them. Whether it’s the civil rights movement, surviving through our Civil War or today’s challenges,” Neil Gorsuch told CNN in a lively interview to promote his new book.

“Whatever they may be, I’ve got great confidence in America and I say to those who don’t: ‘Look elsewhere. Where else would you rather be?’

“I just don’t view judges that way. I reject that idea of how judges operate,” he said about Dem attacks that he is a partisan.


“About half, 40 percent, of our cases are decided unanimously,” he added.

“The 5-4 cases, they make up a quarter of our docket, maybe a third. Those numbers have been consistent since the Second World War. The only thing that’s new is that nothing is new.”

Correct. And in the last court, Gorsuch actually joined the more liberal block on a few votes as did Kavanaugh.

“It is a raucous republic and the battle of ideas is what our founders had in mind,” he said before adding that what they didn’t want “was nine old people in Washington sitting in robes telling everybody else how to live.”

“I say the country is owned by We The People. We wrote a Constitution, we put down what we wanted to put in it.”

“We can amend it when we wish and it is not up to nine people to tell 330 million Americans how to live.”

“If you want to change the Constitution, you can do it,” he said people who want the Supreme Court to start dictating rights for the people.

“I’m not going to get involved in politics or political campaign rallies,” he said, “that’s not my business. My business is to make sure that your rights — all of them — are enforced.”